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Search Tips

Basic Searching

  • Please search with part number or model number this will show exactly what you looking for.
    Examples: HP part number 381028-001 OR Dell part number GK80F OR Altech lansing speakers model# ACS340
  • If you don't have any part number or model search with keywords.
    Examples: Inspiron 1100 Palmrest or 1100 Palmrest
  • If you still not get your correct part yet search only model, you get some mix result now please look for your item
    Examples: Dell Inspiron 1100
  • If you still not get your part please contact us
    1.Live chat expert right side bottom of the page if not available leave us a message we will get back to you.
    2. Call us at 214-257-7799 (Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM)
    3. send us email at sales@mrspareparts.com


  • All search terms are matched against product names, descriptions and the product code.
  • Try to keep search terms short and to the point.
  • Multiple search words are supported. Results containing all of your search terms are ranked higher than those which don't.
  • Common words such as 'are' and 'is' as well as words below 3 characters are automatically removed from your search terms.
    1100 palmrest
    HP Pavilion 5000

Advanced Searching

  • If you wish to search for a phrase, enclose it within "double quotes"
  • The words 'and', 'or' and 'not' are special keywords used to join words.
  1.  and specifies that both terms must be present in the results.
  2.  or specifies that either of the terms must be present in the results.
  3.  not specifies that the term must not be present in the search results.
    1100 palmrest or motherboard
    1100 palmrest not motherboard

Search Filters

  • Search filters allow you to specify custom conditions in your search terms. It's similar to performing an advanced search however you do not have to visit the advanced search page first.
  • Search filters should be appended to the end of your search terms. Multiple search filters can be separated by a space.
  • Supported search filters are listed below.

          price: Allows search results to be filtered by price.
          price:$300-$400, price:>$400
          rating: Allows search results to be filtered by rating.
          rating:1-5, rating:1, rating:>2
          featured: Return featured products only.
          featured:true, featured:yes
          instock: Return products that are currently in stock.
          instock:true, instock:yes
          freeshipping: Return products with free shipping.